Man posing next to a stencil of a cactus

October’s the month for rebirths.

Just look at the cinema releases: audiences there’s the return of a more feminist Bond in No Time To Die, that unshakable Michael Myers in Halloween Kills and a young Tony Soprano in The Many Saints of Newark. …

Team members brainstorming around a table in a meeting

‘Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters’ (SPUMC)… feels a little clunky, doesn’t it?

Seems like the studio shared our sentiment, too. Announcing a rebrand at CinemaCon, as reported by Digital Spy, the ongoing series of superhero movies will now be known as ‘Sony’s Spider-Man Universe’.

Pretty snappy.

Unfortunately, it often…

A lady looking down a tablet with a board of colourful posits behind her.

Good style’s subjective, right?

When it comes to brands it is, anyway. Because they’re facing the awkward balancing act of visualising what’s inside with who it is they’re trying to attract.

A unique formula for everyone.

So, it’s a tricky proposition. Especially when they’ve got one eye on “the next…

Two co-workers discussing brand at a desk

When Pepsi asked customers to print their own labels to stop the disappointment you get from opening upcycled ice cream tubs, it seemed a bit leftfield.

In actual fact, it was completely on-brand.

Because the company’s mission is to “create more smiles…”, while its vision is all about “…winning with…

Man in white T shirt facepalming

Are we paranoid, or is every brand out to get us?

Well, according to Ford Motor Company’s 2020 Trends Report, this seems to be the consumer consensus, with a growing number becoming increasingly sceptical of the tactics brands are deploying.

Staggeringly, more than three-quarters of respondents from the U.S. (77%)…

“You reckon brands are struggling to stand out these days?”

Glancing up from her frothy flat white, designer Nat’s interest was suddenly piqued.

“Yeah, I think they’re so bogged down with the day-to-day, they haven’t got time for strategies that give them an edge. There are tools that can help…

Woman looking perplexed reading her phone

There’s no doubt about it: online’s where it’s at.

But if you needed any convincing, Shopify passed $200 billion in stock market value last week, reporting another sharp rise in revenue.

But whether you’re an online retailer using Shopify, a startup or a small to large B2B, an online presence…

two colleagues working next to each other in an office/classroom

Ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

Because when you’re struggling to keep on top of that to-do list — whilst trying to tune into the latest technological trends — it’s hard to actually learn any new skills at all.

Shame, really. Because learning’s pretty good for us.

Over the…

Woman with glasses enjoying a coffee while typing

To click with your audience, you’ve got to know what makes them tick.

Seems obvious, right?

Thing is, to hit the mark you need to know yourself too. Which, according to our research of over 200 marketing decision-makers, is no easy feat. Worryingly, it revealed that almost half (46%) admitted…

Woman sat on her phone next to a laptop

Coming up with fresh ideas, keeping track of your assets and trying to ensure the whole organisation’s singing from the same hymn sheet.

Staying “on brand” takes a lot.

But there are plenty of MarTech options out there, all designed to make the life of the modern marketer a little…

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