Woman with arms spread looking happy. A sun emblem sits in front of her.
Woman with arms spread looking happy. A sun emblem sits in front of her.

Globally, our priorities had to change last year.

But, unfortunately, coronavirus made us overlook the energy-guzzling elephant in the room: global warming.

According to European Environment Agency, the extra-import of single-use plastics during the first European wave of the COVID-19 pandemic (April to September 2020) totalled 105 000 tonnes — an 80% increase above the usual levels. And as a result, an additional 2.4–5.7 million tonnes of CO2e have emitted during the same period; a 118% increase.

But even without the pandemic throwing a spanner in the works, five + years since the Paris Agreement and we’re already dangerously off…

Man’s face popping through a wall.
Man’s face popping through a wall.

Great, another long-form article about marketing.

OK, but it’s not just Bright that’s “breaking the fourth wall”; it was recently announced that She-Hulk would be the next character in the MCU to “break the fourth wall” — much like Deadpool before her.

And this trick’s been around for years in popular culture. In fact, The Great Train Robbery in 1903 closed with the antagonist firing his gun at the audience. Rewind another 300 years and Shakespeare was shattering the illusion for theatre-goers, too:

“If this were play’d upon a stage now, I would condemn it as improbable fiction,” said Fabian…

Like two prizefighters, duking it out in their prime, DAMs and MAMs have a lot in common.

After all, these handy tools are both designed to streamline and optimise your business processes — so what’s the difference?

Ring the bell, we’re about to find out…

In the red corner: Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Hailing from San Francisco and making its debut as Cumulus in 1992 , this plucky contender is a central resource for digital files. Lean, mean and agile, DAM helps organisations manage and share creative assets more efficiently. The software can go toe-to-toe with everything from photos and videos to graphic design and audio files —…

60s style secretary on the phone
60s style secretary on the phone

Can you automate a great idea? You know, a really creative one…

Michelle Greenwald, CEO of Catalyzing Innovation, seems to think so. She believes that with Apple ending its IDFA and Google putting a stop to 3rd party cookie tracking in early 2022, AI will be the key to creating measurable ads that resonate with audiences.

“AI powered creative takes the guesswork out of advertising with more actionable, diagnostic information, within the context of brand campaign big ideas,” she said in a recent Forbes article.

And David Olesnevich, Head of Product at IBM Watson Advertising, shares the sentiment.

He reckons…

Someone peering over a book
Someone peering over a book

A magician never reveals their secrets, right?

Well, nobody said anything about copywriters. So this National Writing Day (23rd June), we’re sharing our tips for writing prose like the — erm — pros.

What’s the point? Find your purpose before typing a word…

As marketers, we’re often so caught up in doing that it’s easy to stop and wonder whether we should be in the first place.

Because according to Moz, up to 29% of the internet is actually duplicate content. So have a think about whether you’re adding anything new to the conversation before you get started.

Before typing…

Female boxer
Female boxer

“Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.” — Joseph Campbell

We hear that, Mr Campbell.

When the author released The Hero with a Thousand Faces in 1949 — one of the greatest studies into the human condition ever written — it stands to reason it should follow one of the most life-changing events in our history: WW2.

But he wasn’t the only one to create something special during challenging times.

When good ideas and innovations are born through adversity

While Campbell was living in a rented shack and planning his masterworks during the Great Depression, washing machines and refrigerators had become mass-market products…

You can’t take feeling good about work for granted, can you?

With a supportive culture and some amazing clients, we’re lucky at Bright. And as some of us start stepping back into the office, Employer Branding Awareness Week seems more extra-relevant this year.

But not just to us.

According to research by Wonderful Workplaces, 94% of candidates consider an employer’s brand when applying for jobs. And 45% of passive job seekers would apply for a job if it was to work for an amazing brand.

So whether it’s attracting new candidates, keeping the ones you have happy or talking the…

Hipster girl holding a video cassette
Hipster girl holding a video cassette

“Nostalgia — it’s delicate, but potent… It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone… It takes us to a place where we ache to go again.”

Don Draper, Mad Men

We’ve been reminiscing a little lately, ourselves.

And what about people who enjoy being reminded of the past in ads? Well, they’re also more likely to say advertising helps them make purchase decisions.

Makes sense, really.

But advertising through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia isn’t anything new — content creators have been using this device to catch us in the feels for generations. Recently, it’s been…

Woman hugging a laptop
Woman hugging a laptop

This past year’s brought out the best in a lot of people — over ten million of them , in fact.

Last year’s study from Legal & General and the Centre for Economics and Business Research found that one in five UK adults (19%) volunteered their time for community activities since the start of the first lockdown on 23 March.

Of those who’d given up their time, (67%) did grocery shopping for neighbours, friends and others, while a quarter (26%) collected and delivered medicines or prescriptions.

But as the world readjusts and — dare we say it — returns to…

Rubber ducks swimming against the tide
Rubber ducks swimming against the tide

Britain’s giving its outdoor spaces some TLC this week.

Pretty important when the RSPCA received 8,092 calls over the last two years of animals being injured or caught up in litter. And of extra significance when disused masks are becoming more common than the flutter of empty crisp packets in the streets.

But The Great British Spring Clean it’s also a great opportunity to get our digital houses in order, too.

Cyber clean — why our digital worlds deserve a declutter too

Although we’ve found innovative ways to collaborate and work remotely over the past 12 months, there’s still plenty of opportunities for things to go awry when you’re not under…

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