Maintaining a healthy blood pressure — Know Your Numbers! Week (9–15th September) | Welbeing

How do we measure blood pressure?

  1. Systolic pressure — the top number in your reading. It measures the highest pressure generated against your artery walls when the heart contracts
  2. Diastolic pressure — the bottom number in your reading. This one measures the force of blood against your artery walls as the heart relaxes

What is a normal blood pressure?

How can I lower my blood pressure?

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables — berries, bananas, beetroot, kiwis, watermelon and leafy greens are known to help reduce blood pressure
  • Dabble in some dark chocolate — chemicals called flavanols in cocoa are thought to widen blood vessels, causing a drop in blood pressure
  • Opt for oats — research shows that eating soluble fibre-rich whole-grain oats can reduce blood pressure. Not sure when to start? Try replacing toast with porridge for breakfast.

What else causes high blood pressure?



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