Top Lab Design Trends for 2022–2023

Woman sat at a table looking at her phone in a modern lab space, surrounded by plants.
A modern-looking lab space with workers in hazmat suits

Trend 1: This exciting scientific movement will continue to grow

Trend 2: More flexible labs and faster R&D

An empty but very clean and modern-looking office

Trend 3: An increase in cloud-based collaboration

Trend 4: Tomorrow’s smart labs will automate today’s processes

A lab space full of tanks and machinery.

Trend 5: Reducing design budgets with R&D tax relief

  • looked for an advance in science and technology
  • had to overcome uncertainty
  • tried to overcome this uncertainty
  • could not be easily worked out by a professional in the field
  • SME: Fewer than 500 staff and either not more than €100 million turnover or €86 million gross assets. Most companies, including start-ups, fall into this category.
  • Large companies: 500 staff or more and either more than €100 million turnover or €86 million gross assets.
A lab full of piping and other bits of equipment

Trend 6: Make savings with super-deduction

  • Solar panels
  • Computer equipment & servers
  • Tractors, lorries & vans Ladders, drills & cranes
  • Office chairs & desks
  • Electric vehicle charge points
  • Refrigeration units
  • Compressors
  • Foundry equipment

Trend 7: Finish development with non-dilutive & dilutive funding

A light and airy breakout/dining area

Trend 8: Take steps towards sustainable science



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