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Are we paranoid, or is every brand out to get us?

Well, according to Ford Motor Company’s 2020 Trends Report, this seems to be the consumer consensus, with a growing number becoming increasingly sceptical of the tactics brands are deploying.

Staggeringly, more than three-quarters of respondents from the U.S. (77%), the U.K. (79%) and Spain (79%) report growing mistrust. Worse still, 67% of adults say that once a brand loses its trust, there’s no getting it back.
Some experts have pointed their fingers towards the “content boom”; an overreliance on creating media at all costs.

“The ad-revenue model caused the…

“You reckon brands are struggling to stand out these days?”

Glancing up from her frothy flat white, designer Nat’s interest was suddenly piqued.

“Yeah, I think they’re so bogged down with the day-to-day, they haven’t got time for strategies that give them an edge. There are tools that can help, though. OK, so it might not be the sexiest, but Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems look after all the time-consuming stuff so teams can focus on creativity. It keeps brands consistent and helps remote teams collaborate from wherever. Pretty cool, actually.”

The lift doors open; another day at the agency…

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There’s no doubt about it: online’s where it’s at.

But if you needed any convincing, Shopify passed $200 billion in stock market value last week, reporting another sharp rise in revenue.

But whether you’re an online retailer using Shopify, a startup or a small to large B2B, an online presence can’t be an afterthought anymore.

These days, it’s a must.

We already know that user experience and SEO go hand-in-hand — Google expects it. But mobile-first, website branding is an integral part of this puzzle, too. In fact, it can make all the difference in how long prospects stick around…

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Ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

Because when you’re struggling to keep on top of that to-do list — whilst trying to tune into the latest technological trends — it’s hard to actually learn any new skills at all.

Shame, really. Because learning’s pretty good for us.

Over the years, multiple researchers found that one thing that people need to be happy is “difficult but doable” activities.

A pretty familiar term for anybody working in marketing; those who might struggle to get the time to even find a new activity — let alone learn one.

With that in mind…

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To click with your audience, you’ve got to know what makes them tick.

Seems obvious, right?

Thing is, to hit the mark you need to know yourself too. Which, according to our research of over 200 marketing decision-makers, is no easy feat. Worryingly, it revealed that almost half (46%) admitted they were not able to fully describe their company’s most up-to-date logo. Understandable, really, when only 42% could confidently say where their brand guidelines are saved.

But today’s brands can’t afford to get it wrong.

Scrutinised beneath the magnifying effect of social, they’re under enormous pressure to stand out.


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Coming up with fresh ideas, keeping track of your assets and trying to ensure the whole organisation’s singing from the same hymn sheet.

Staying “on brand” takes a lot.

But there are plenty of MarTech options out there, all designed to make the life of the modern marketer a little easier. One of which is a digital asset management system; tailor-made to keep your business consistent, in control and firing on all creative cylinders. Here’s how…

#1. Consistency

Our research of 200 UK marketing professionals found that despite 91% of marketing decision-makers agreeing that having up-to-date brand guidelines is important, 43% haven’t…

“I am the writing on the wall, the whisper in the classroom! Without these things, I am nothing.” — Candyman

This hook-handed villain’s a meme without even knowing it.

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Globally, our priorities had to change last year.

But, unfortunately, coronavirus made us overlook the energy-guzzling elephant in the room: global warming.

According to European Environment Agency, the extra-import of single-use plastics during the first European wave of the COVID-19 pandemic (April to September 2020) totalled 105 000 tonnes — an 80% increase above the usual levels. And as a result, an additional 2.4–5.7 million tonnes of CO2e have emitted during the same period; a 118% increase.

But even without the pandemic throwing a spanner in the works, five + years since the Paris Agreement and we’re already dangerously off…

Man’s face popping through a wall.

Great, another long-form article about marketing.

OK, but it’s not just Bright that’s “breaking the fourth wall”; it was recently announced that She-Hulk would be the next character in the MCU to “break the fourth wall” — much like Deadpool before her.

And this trick’s been around for years in popular culture. In fact, The Great Train Robbery in 1903 closed with the antagonist firing his gun at the audience. Rewind another 300 years and Shakespeare was shattering the illusion for theatre-goers, too:

“If this were play’d upon a stage now, I would condemn it as improbable fiction,” said Fabian…

Like two prizefighters, duking it out in their prime, DAMs and MAMs have a lot in common.

After all, these handy tools are both designed to streamline and optimise your business processes — so what’s the difference?

Ring the bell, we’re about to find out…

In the red corner: Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Hailing from San Francisco and making its debut as Cumulus in 1992 , this plucky contender is a central resource for digital files. Lean, mean and agile, DAM helps organisations manage and share creative assets more efficiently. The software can go toe-to-toe with everything from photos and videos to graphic design and audio files —…

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